6 Business Management Software for Enterprises in 2021

How project management software helps businesses enhance productivity

Organisations with an ever-increasing growth rate require several process management tools to handle the demands of various functional areas. From accounting software to inventory management, customer support, fulfillment systems, e-commerce integration, workforce, and order management, the tools keep growing as businesses scale.

In the process, most organisations end up with complicated infrastructure comprising disparate spreadsheets, Business Management Systems (BMS), and applications from separate vendors. Moreover, different in-house solutions keep adding to the complexity of their available tools. In the absence of an integrated, single-platform suite of apps, it becomes difficult for decision-makers and managers to control business process inefficiencies, evolve, and scale up with an increasing maze of siloed tools that slow down productivity and profitability.

As per a recently published Harvard Business Review, the cost of additional bureaucracy in the USA’s economy notched over $3 trillion as unused or lost economic output. In other words, the cost of extra management costs amounted to approximately 17% of GDP. However, it is possible to bring down these inefficiencies by leveraging business management systems (BMS) that automate repetitive tasks and streamline business operations.

What is Business Management Software?

A business management software refers to a set of company management tools, applications, and programs that are useful for planning and implementing company practices, procedures and policies. Such business management systems help support, automate and effectively improve upon business processes.

The software uses a centralised platform for the development, integration, and execution of business strategies, plans, guidelines, and related management tasks. These solutions help teams in achieving quality and consistency in whatever they do.

Top 6 Business Management Software of 2021

Here are the top six business management systems that you can use to enhance operational efficiency and improve the productivity and profitability of your organisation.


StudioCloud is a robust cloud-based business management software that includes features for scheduling, invoicing, client management, project management, online booking, and marketing automation. It has a desktop-only version that provides mobility to users by syncing data between your desktop, the cloud, and linked internet-enabled devices.

Top features:

    • ¬†Smart tools to develop and dispatch invoices, text, email reminders, and personalised content
    • ¬†Easy to navigate interface to review and sign online contracts.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is best business management software, used by fast-growing businesses of all sizes, integrates ERP, CRM, HR, financials, and e-commerce. It presents end-to-end functionality to support the ongoing business needs of different industries.

Top features:

    • ¬†Mobile-enabled, cloud-based, flexible and customisable.
    • ¬†Different KPIs (key performance indicators) to facilitate report creation.
    • ¬†Flexible and effective project accounting, resource management, timesheet/ expense management capabilities.

Zoho One

Zoho One, a powerful business management software and a suite of 40 business apps, assists team management. It presents a cohesive collection of applications that can take your entire business to the cloud. The apps in Zoho One suite operate under a centralised administration and single sign-on.

Top features:

    • ¬†Tools to manage the different aspects of SMEs from a single platform.
    • ¬†Collaboration with smart online document sharing and storage solutions
    • ¬†Automated business workflows and smarter working with Zia, the Intelligent Assistant of Zoho One


Bitrix24 is end-to-end collaboration, communication, and business management software. It has projects and tasks that enable quick and accurate document management supported by real-time communication tools. From group chats to video conferencing, there are several applications in Bitrix 24 for fast and easy collaboration.

Top features:

    • ¬†Centralised platform to share ideas and get instant feedback, create tasks and workgroups, engage with employees, etc.
    • ¬†Ongoing support for custom document approval and multi-user editing workflows
    • ¬†Tools for CRM and sales team management from iPads, iPhones and Android devices


Scoro’s business management software enables seamless syncing of projects, teams, sales, reports, and tasks from a centralised platform. Used by consultancies and agencies, Scoro combines CRM, billing, project management, reporting, and standard BMS tools for smooth operations. It can help in the more efficient organisation of all aspects of your business.

Top features:

    • ¬†In-built systems to plan and track workflows with unlimited projects
    • ¬†Single-point management of contacts, invoices, and quotes
    • ¬†Accurate tracking of deadlines, time schedules, and billing

ContinuSys IBMS

ContinuSys IBMS is a small business management software that can help you manage all your business processes efficiently. Based on the concept of uninterrupted business operations, this integrated system aims to minimise disruptions by providing a single source of truth to teams across your organisation. Each of the 14 apps shares the same database and is tightly integrated, enabling informed decision-making in times of uncertainty.

From HR management, business continuity, and process management to auditing, finance, and asset management, ContinuSys IBMS is an ecosystem of web and mobile applications that will eliminate departmental silos and help you create a resilient organisation.

Top features:

    • ¬†User-friendly and easy-to-integrate UI/UX tools and processes
    • ¬†Shorter learning curve for teams along with support for training and implementation
    • ¬†Cloud-based applications to enable remote working and accessibility on any device
    • ¬†Cheapest in the market currently
    • ¬†Free for ten users

Accelerate Productivity and Profitability with ContinuSys IBMS

Finding the right cloud-based business management solution for your organisation depends on what you want to achieve with your new investment. Point solutions are great for improving individual business processes. However, if you’re looking to increase the overall operational efficiency and build organisational resilience against disruptions, you need to adopt a more holistic approach.

Instead of growing your list of tools to manage each of your business processes, integrated systems such as ContinuSys IBMS can help you manage all parts of your business without leaving information silos between departments. As a result, everyone within your organisation has access to reliable information and a clear understanding of where the company is moving. With the availability of valuable insights, your teams can make informed decisions under all situations, anytime and anywhere.

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