Reach Your Productivity & Profitability Goals More Efficiently

ContinuSys IBMS is an integrated business management system that helps you build organisational resilience against inefficiencies, improve team productivity, and enhance business decision-making.

Introduction to ContinuSys Integrated Business Management System (IBMS)

Today, many organisations are still struggling to overcome the silos mentality, in which each business process operates independently and tends to avoid sharing information. Often, this boils down to the incapability to consolidate and simplify increasingly complex technology environments at a growing scale. This results in:

Increased operational costs
Higher resource consumption
The emergence of numerous single points of failure

The ContinuSys Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) is a collection of integrated web and mobile apps that seeks to solve this issue. It stores all data in a single database that is readily accessible in a virtual server securely hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), where it is segregated from all other clients.

Why Choose ContinuSys IBMS

ContinuSys integrated business management suite is built on the concept of uninterrupted business operations. The goal of the platform is to enable businesses to operate smoothly and efficiently and minimise disruption due to factors that would otherwise jeopardise normal operations. This makes it a valuable solution for maintaining normal business operations, speeding up disaster recovery, and reducing both short- and long-term risk.

Build an Integrated Operational Environment

By bringing all business data together in a single database hosted in the cloud, everyone has access to the same information. Data is the most valuable asset of any modern organisation, and the ability to turn it into insights that drive evidence-based decision-making across every level of the business can generate enormous value.

At ContinuSys, we believe routine business operations can be broadly characterised by the five key components that lead into the next to meet top-level goals:

  • Value Creation - Discovering what customers want or need, and then creating value in the form of a compelling product or service.
  • Marketing - Attracting attention and building a strong brand reputation by communicating the value created effectively.
  • Sales - Turning prospects into paying customers by nurturing them through the sales funnel and completing transactions.
  • Value delivery - Ensuring customers have what has been promised and providing ongoing support to maximise customer success.
  • Finance - Managing balance sheets and allocating financial resources according to company goals and priorities.

With an integrated data environment, ContinuSys IBMS acts as a single source of truth (SSOT) throughout the business. This does not only help employees and business leaders make more informed decisions but it also allows them to make accelerate decision-making in a time when business priorities and demands can shift suddenly and with minimal notice.

Create a Strong Value Chain

ContinuSys IBMS breaks down the barriers to streamline business processes and operations, while limiting single points of failure and simplifying disaster recovery and business continuity. Our integrated apps are designed to cater to 10 fundamental business processes, all of which must work together to establish a strong value chain:

  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Governance
  • Financial analysis
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Product and service development
  • Product and service delivery
  • Accounting
  • Technology

By managing these processes in a holistic environment, ContinuSys brings together People, Assets, Finance, and Time, all of which work together to produce Information which, in turn, requires Governance – or PAFTCIG.

Enhance Organisational Resilience

ContinuSys IBMS transforms disparate data across your company into structured information. This ability to see everything at once empowers you to make more informed decisions in every department.

As silos are gone and data accessibility becomes easier across your organisation, you can experience better decision-making at all levels. Moreover, as everyone is drawing from the same data, there’s better communication across the processes, which improves their interdependent success.

Without having to duplicate data for different departments, ContinuSys IBMS improves productivity by allowing each department to spend more time on crucial tasks instead of finding and sharing necessary data. And of course, getting rid of a tangled and complex systems landscape allows problems to be solved and changes to be made with just a few clicks.

All of this contributes to more robust organisational resilience. When each process of your business works better independently and smoother interdependently, you ensure efficiency day-to-day, and have an increased ability to adapt to change. And thanks to the bird’s eye view our ContinuSys IBMS offers, you get the ability to see your business as a whole and better plan for the future.

Achieve Sustainable Business Growth

Rapidly growing companies risk becoming victims of their own success if they get entangled in complex data and technology environments. This can easily end up leading to a boom-and-bust scenario in which it becomes impossible to keep up with demand. At the same time, they end up wasting resources and stifling profitability.

ContinuSys IBMS helps fuel the circular economy, which is regenerative by design and highly beneficial to the environment, society, and the business itself. After all, it is much more cost-effective and sustainable to manage and use a single integrated platform than a disparate range of apps and systems.

Stronger Communication & Collaboration

Businesses with disparate data and technology environments often have complications when it comes to communication and collaboration. With limited access to real-time data and insights, there are far more likely to be conflicting sources of information, and it takes much more time to collect enough information to make informed decisions.

ContinuSys IBMS makes it easier to share information and, since everyone has access to the same information, there is a greatly reduced chance of conflicts in management. Moreover, teams can collaborate quickly and more efficiently by accessing the same cloud-hosted data, rather than having to exchange emails and wait for replies.

Apps That Make Our ContinuSys Ecosystem

HR management software

C-PEOPLE is an HR management software that helps companies of all sizes manage internal and external human resources.

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Surveys and Forms tool

C-ASK is a cloud-based surveys and forms tool that allows you to build beautiful, conversational surveys that will get you a higher completion rate.

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Business continuity and Risk management platform

C-BCM is a business continuity and risk management platform that helps you achieve prevention and disaster recovery, guaranteeing continuity of critical business processes.

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Storage Software

C-EFSS improves content management, collaboration, and secure file sharing among teams with features such as document version tracking, live commenting, and workflow process management.

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AUditing Software

C-AUDIT is an asset auditing platform that offers broad data capture and asset tracking, transforming the speed, precision, and efficacy of the asset audit.

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Loyalty Software

C-LOYAL is an all-in-one platform that helps you track and manage customer loyalty rewards. It also helps you with customer tracing, especially during pandemic situations.

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Finance Software

C-FINANCE is an all-in-one accounting software that helps you with managing Revenue, Costings, Budgeting, and Forecasting, along with consolidated reporting.

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Asset Software

C-ASSET is an enterprise mobile workforce management software that allows you to manage your field technicians in one unified platform, and a mobile app.

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Back Software

C-BACK is a robust backup solution offering an extensive range of options, from simple file backup on computers to application-based backup in servers.

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BPM Software

C-BPM is a robust business process management and diagramming tool that provides crucial capabilities for document, task, and data management.

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Dashboard Software

C-DASH is an intelligent dashboard that helps business leaders understand what is working and what isn’t by providing a holistic view of business performance across all activities.

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GRC Software

C-GRC offers an integrated collection of capabilities that facilitate your organisation to consistently attain goals, address ambiguity, and act with integrity.

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Time Software

C-TIME is a project management platform that brings your employees together to plan, track, and work together on any project. It also offers task management via calendar, Gantt, and Kanban.

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Work Software

C-WORK is a collaboration tool that helps employees organise their work, from everyday tasks to strategic initiatives. You can connect all your tasks in one place and bring teams together.

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