7 Benefits of an Integrated Business Management System

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Every day businesses are looking for better ways to work together.

They might be suffering from the outdated silo mentality or struggling to collaborate with the tools at their disposal. The result is business processes operating independently and a lack of information getting shared that could benefit the organisation.

There are other detrimental effects as well. Issues such as increased operational costs, single points of failure across the organisation, and higher resource consumption. These are just some of the reasons more companies are turning to integrated business management systems.

Have you investigated the benefits of implementing an integrated business management software for your organisation? There are several reasons why it is a good idea for any company. But here are just some of the most common ones.

1. Enhanced Information Security

The more data across your business, the larger the risk that something may happen to it. There are also likely additional requirements for managing the information in all of the different locations. Especially if you are using various software platforms.

An integrated business management software helps centralise this information and reduce the risk of anything getting exposed. It allows you to control policies, procedures, and who has access to specific details. This ensures not only confidentiality but also the integrity of the data stored.

2. Meets Compliance Obligations

Whether it is ISO standards, business continuity plans or other compliance obligations specific to your industry, it can become challenging meeting them when you are maintaining multiple systems. It requires reviewing all of the individual processes, procedures, and documentation across every division.

Integrated business management systems can incorporate your compliance controls within the software. It includes audit trails, electronic approvals, process maps, documentation version control and more. It is also easy to extract and present to the relevant compliance personnel to get the tick of approval.

3. Scale Faster and Sustainably

Companies experiencing rapid growth can often become a victim of their own success. The most common reason is the complex data and technology environments in use. Not only does this bring inefficiencies, but it also wastes valuable resources whose strengths would be more useful propelling the business further.

It is much simple to achieve sustainable business growth when you are managing one platform. It is also more cost-effective. If you have an integrated business management system, you do not need to worry about all the updates and upgrades across dozens of applications and systems. You can turn your attention to driving outcomes and increasing revenue.

4. Stronger Communication and Collaboration

It is a fact that many companies with multiple data and technology environments have complications when it comes to communication and collaboration. One of the most common reasons is conflicting sources of information and the time it takes to gather data to make strategic decisions.

You can use an integrated business management system to share data and information across the organisation efficiently. It provides a single source of truth and reduces conflicts amongst teams and management. You can even receive updates in real-time, allowing you to make decisions in the moment rather than scheduling a meeting in a week’s time when it might be too late.

5. Organisational Alignment

Businesses are at their best when they are all working towards the same goal. However, this can only be achieved when they are aligned and utilising the same tools. When they are not, employees start working from different process maps, get trained and upskilled differently, and focus on their own projects.

It is easier to achieve organisational alignment when everyone is working from the same technology environment. It also makes it easier to onboard new staff, reduce operational risks, and identify potential business opportunities when working with an integrated system.

6. Greater Strategic Decisions

It can be difficult to make informed decisions when you have duplicated data across multiple departments. You are not sure what information is accurate, as well as what can be used to implement your strategy and achieve your goals.

Rather than spending time validating what data is correct, you can use an integrated business management system to make faster and greater strategic decisions. It even provides you with the ability to see your business as a whole, allowing you to create a plan for the future.

7. Less Time Gathering Information

Gathering data requirements is a time-consuming process. Especially when the information is located in multiple places across your business. It can require several people scraping together these details in preparation for projects and performance meetings.

Whether it is real-time data or historical information, gathering these requirements from one technology environment is much easier. It can reduce complications and the speed of collecting these details. It is also much more efficient as it does not require employees across different divisions to perform the same task within their own systems.

Where to Find More Benefits of Integrated Business Management Systems

There are many reasons why integrated business management system are essential for any organisation. The benefits of improving information security, meeting compliance obligations and aligning the company are necessary for all companies. However, it can also help you scale sustainably, remove inefficiencies, and allow you to make strategic decisions faster.

One of the most popular benefits is that it provides organisational alignment. When everyone within the company works from the same data and technology environment, it offers greater communication and collaboration. Especially as it means there is one single source of truth.

At ContinuSys, we help you realise these benefits and discover more that are specific to your organisation. Our integrated suite of web and mobile apps empowers everyone with the company to operate at their best at all times. Want to find out more about the ContinuSys difference? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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