8 Reasons You Should Invest in an Enterprise File Sharing System

reasons to invest in an enterprise file sharing system

File sharing today certainly does not look the same as it did a couple of decades ago. The days of handing off a folder to an assistant or sharing a document across the desk are long gone. In fact, file sharing has moved far beyond what anyone could have imagined even a few years ago when flash drives and email attachments did much of the heavy lifting.

Today, file sharing is all about the cloud. In particular, enterprise file sharing in the cloud offers several advantages and benefits that simply cannot be matched by other methods. Let’s take a closer look at eight reasons why you should invest in an enterprise file-sharing system.

What is an Enterprise File Sharing System?

An enterprise file sharing system is software that allows employees within an organisation to share files securely and easily. The system typically resides in the cloud, which means that it can be accessed by employees no matter where they are. The benefits of enterprise file sharing are numerous, including improved communication and collaboration, increased efficiency, and reduced costs, among others.

Seamless Sharing of Data Within an Organisation

One of the biggest benefits of enterprise file sharing is that it provides seamless sharing of data within an organisation while still maintaining security. This means that employees can easily collaborate on projects, share files, and access data from any location or device.

Easy Integration and Control of Data

Enterprise file sharing offers improved integration and control of the data that is shared within a company. This means that employees can easily send files to others, whether they are in an office or working remotely, while still maintaining control over who has access to the data and how it is used. Additionally, enterprise file sharing makes it easier to track file downloads and send alerts when files are changed or deleted.

Centralised Data

Another advantage of enterprise file sharing is that it centralises data. This means that all files are housed in one location and can be easily accessed by employees and key stakeholders. This is much more efficient, as employees no longer have to search for files scattered throughout the organisation. It can also help to improve security by making it difficult for unauthorised users to access sensitive files.

Ease of Collaboration

Enterprise file sharing also makes collaboration easier than ever. With files centrally located, employees can easily access and work on them together. This eliminates the likelihood of disparate data between departments, improving workflow, communication and leading to better results.

Reduced Duplication

Enterprise file-sharing can also help to reduce duplication. When employees have access to the latest version of a file, they are less likely to create their own copy and thus duplicate work, which is an enormous waste of time and resources. This leads to improved efficiency, company wide.

Reduced Costs

By utilising an enterprise file-sharing solution, large organisations can significantly reduce costs in many ways. Less reliance on servers reduces the need for ongoing upkeep is one example. Additionally, file sharing can lead to a reduction in the amount of paper used, flash drives purchased, and office space devoted to physical storage solutions, such as filing cabinets.

Contributes to Business Continuity

In terms of business continuity, enterprise file sharing contributes to overall operational and organisational resilience. This means that in the event of a disaster, unexpected outage, or some other unforeseen circumstance, employees will still be able to access the files they need to continue working. By having a backup plan in place, businesses can help ensure that they are able to maintain operations during difficult times.

Superior Security

Without question, an enterprise file-sharing solution provides superior security to individual file-sharing solutions. This is because enterprise file sharing includes many functionalities that are simply not available in consumer-grade file sharing applications. For example, enterprise file sharing systems typically include multiple layers of security, such as user authentication, file encryption, and access controls. These features help to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access and theft. It goes without saying that relying on paper documentation or flash storage solutions leaves your company vulnerable to loss, data breaches, and theft.

The ContinuSys IBMS: An Enhanced Enterprise File-sharing Solution

For SMEs and large multi-national corporations, the ContinuSys integrated business management system (IBMS) is an enhanced file-sharing solution that connects all an organisation’s core business functions into one central system. The ContinuSys IBMS offers all the features and benefits of an enterprise file-sharing solution, but with an extensive suite of integrated web and app-based apps, that provides enhanced performance and scalability via its seamless integration of business processes and shared data.

The ContinuSys IBMS solution is specifically designed to increase productivity and efficiency between various teams and departments within an organisation, making it an ideal solution for businesses with multiple departments, locations, and/or a geographically dispersed workforce.

Part of what makes the ContinuSys platform so unique is that its unified family of apps all share a core database, operating as one interconnected system, with each managing interdependent functions of your business. This allows for real-time sharing of data between departments, collaborative editing of documents, improved overall communication and decision making.

Another unique aspect of the ContinuSys IBMS that differentiates it from other file-sharing solutions is that the ContinuSys platform has specifically focused on supporting and streamlining cooperation between the five most critical functions of any business, all of which must work in unison to meet organisational initiatives. Those are:

  • Value creation
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Value delivery
  • Finance

Through efficient management of all these processes in one cohesive framework, ContinuSys brings together People, Assets, Finance, and Time, all of which work in Collaboration together to produce Information which, in turn, requires Governance: PAFTCIG.

With this level of business-wide integration, there is complete end-to-end visibility across the entire organisation, which is critical when it comes to maintaining organisational and operational resilience in the event of sudden or unexpected interruptions. This is especially true when so many businesses today are operating with workforces that are geographically dispersed.

The way data migrates through organisations has evolved from file cabinets and paper-based systems. Seamless sharing of data within an organisation, improved communication and collaboration, increased efficiency, and enhanced organisational resilience are just a few of the benefits that can be realised with an enterprise file-sharing system. When it comes to choosing a file-sharing solution for your business, it is important to select one that meets the specific needs of your organisation, is scalable, and can integrate with other business applications you are currently using.

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