6 Benefits of Using Integrated HR Management Software for Your Business

Integrated HR Management Software

Whether you are a budding start-up or a large enterprise, managing your people is critical to ensure smooth business operations. HR management software helps you achieve just that. It is a necessary tool for every organisation that makes HR processes such as hiring resources, managing employee time and leaves, as well as maintaining employee databases easy and quick.

While most HR management systems do their job efficiently, there are a couple of drawbacks. The tool often functions as a point solution, offering no connectivity with other business processes. As a result, businesses often end up using multiple apps to manage different tasks within each business process. For instance, most traditional HR management tools do not offer features for applicant tracking, candidate management, payroll, etc.

In most cases, organisations use different tools for each of these tasks. Either they develop custom integrations between these systems or operate them in a siloed environment, leading to multiple data sets.

An integrated HR management system brings together all these critical tasks into a single comprehensive package, enabling your HR department to function more efficiently. Integration capability also means that your HR department remains connected with other parts of your business, enabling seamless information exchange between the key business applications within your organisation.

What is Integrated HR Management Software?

Integrated HR management software offers solutions by merging all the HR and payroll activities into one system. This helps in maximising productivity by taking away menial tasks from HR personnel and offering more efficiency. Having such a system means there is no need for multiple spreadsheets or numerous systems to manage day-to-day HR tasks. From on boarding to retirement, one integrated system takes care of everything and helps engage and manage people from an all-inclusive platform.

Why Should One Invest in an HR Management Suite?

Hassle-free on boarding: Onboarding new employees becomes easy with an HR management suite. You can easily track the compliance rate of new employees and directly assign new tasks to them. Moreover, it also helps them access the required documents or information quickly.

Eliminating manual errors in collating and accessing information: Since everything is automated through HR software, there is little to no scope for error.

Easy tracking of employees across their lifecycle: It allows for easy tracking of employees across all stages. This also means that handling remunerations and increments becomes easy.

Seamless management of the hiring process: An integrated application tracking system helps manage all relevant activities when hiring a new candidate. It also makes fixing interview dates and sharing information much easier.

Easy handling of leave management: It is easy to handle leave management when you use HR software by reducing holiday clashes across teams. Moreover, it also notifies managers about employee leaves to plan their work in a better way.

Greater visibility on employee performance: Performance review and appraisal is done with more clarity and transparency. All the necessary information about every employee is available to managers so that they can conduct the assessment in an informed way.

Enables data-backed interventions and strategic decisions: With an abundance of information and data available, there is an improvement in the access to employee metrics which allows for faster processing of information and more accurate decision-making.

6 Benefits of Using Integrated HR Management Software

Consolidate employee data: All employee data is stored in a single system and can be accessed in one place to avoid confusion or errors.

One-point storage of critical data: Since all data is stored in one comprehensive system, all the crucial data of a company is secure at all times.

Customisable and easy-to-navigate interface: The best-of-breed HR management suite is super customisable and has a user-friendly interface. This further helps enterprises leverage the rich functionality of a comprehensive system in a hassle-free manner.

Performance management, feedback and reports: You can generate quick reports, manage the performance of teams and different departments, and provide them with instantaneous feedback regardless of increased HR workload.

Allows for interdependence on data drawn from other departments: Since integrated HR software links other business apps from different departments, it is possible to maintain the same data sets between all the departments to ensure a single-source-of-truth when it comes to making data-driven decisions.

Real-time data for analytics and dynamic reporting: One of the biggest challenges faced by the HR departments of most companies is collating real-time data and creating reports. With disparate systems, data quality is inadequate, and the collection, aggregation and cleansing of data are usually manually done. On the contrary, most integrated systems have in-built analytical tools which allow HR teams to take quick actions instead of spending time with complicated formulae and unwieldy spreadsheets.

C-PEOPLE: An Integrated Solution for All Your HR Management Needs

As a part of the ContinuSys Integrated Business Management System (IBMS), C-PEOPLE is an all-in-one HR management platform that takes care of a number of HR-related tasks such as on boarding, leave management, applicant tracking and company management all in a single place. This HR software has been expertly designed for HR professionals to make their lives easy and help them ease their workloads in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Moreover, this integrated HR management software is cloud-based, which means you can access the app on any device, anytime, and anywhere.

The C-PEOPLE app addresses the “People” aspect of organisations. It integrates with other business apps within the ContinuSys IBMS ecosystem to help you with the seven core components of your business, i.e. PAFTCIG (People, Assets, Finance, Time, Collaboration, Information and Governance).

With the ability to manage all parts of your business effectively, C-PEOPLE, along with other apps within the IBMS suite, helps you build organisational resilience against disruptions and minimises the effects of unexpected threats or crises.

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