5 Best Employee Management Software in 2023

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What is HR Management Software?

HR management software has been gaining popularity in recent times because it helps optimise and manage tedious human resource management tasks in the most efficient way. This critical business management tool helps HR teams to organise employee information and create personalised reports that are data-driven. It does everything electronically, reducing the need to maintain records on paper. In addition to that, the software also helps companies update directories of employees, track their progress, manage their performance, and much more.

Some important functions of HR management software include self-service tracking, tracking approvals and creating workflows, organising employee data, securely storing all HR-related information, onboarding, offboarding, third-party integrations, and much more.

Employee management software has been enhanced by leaps and bounds in recent times so that it helps automate menial tasks, allowing HR managers to allocate their time to more profitable activities.

Benefits of HR Management Software

Employee onboarding software is an indispensable part of every organisation today. Following are some key benefits of using HR management software for your company:

    •  Saves Time: Human resource management software helps you automate most of your time-consuming, menial tasks associated with HR processes. As a result, you get more time to work on business-driven developmental activities.
    •  Better Understanding of Employee Needs: Good insight into employees can result in more fruitful performance reviews. Moreover, employee onboarding software is perfect for new employees because it helps them become a part of your company without losing time.
    •  Easy Monitoring of Leaves: An automated leave management system reduces the burden on your HR managers. The software offers real-time access to leave data instead of relying on outdated spreadsheets to manage employee leaves. They can quickly set up vacation/leave policies, and track leaves. You can have it readily available through HR software every.
    •  Quick Access to Crucial Information: Every time you need important information about your employees. Easy and quick information means you can make important decisions more accurately and without wasting any time.

5 Best Employee Management Software in 2023

1. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is the best employee management software.


  1. Tons of integrations
  2. User-friendly interface that does not demand too much internal training
  3. Frequent updates and additions to enhance the software
  4. Excellent onboarding process


  1. The filters are not too functional.
  2. It loads extremely slowly.
  3. It is old software with a number of bugs.

2. BlueTree

BlueTree is contract employee management tool.


  1. Streamlines the entire employee onboarding process
  2. Easily configurable according to geographical location, job role, and other variables
  3. A hyper-focused tool that helps manage contract workers effectively


  1. This is primarily a contract management system. Hence, it may not be the best choice for other scenarios or company requirements.

3. Workday

Workday is the best employee management tool, well for professional and business services companies.


  1. Offers an employee management system for medium and large enterprises
  2. Offers unique tools to develop and recruit team talent
  3. Provides features such as support for regulations like notice periods and probation, financial trend analysis, and head-count visualisation


  1. The reporting functions of this software are slightly lacklustre.
  2. Not the best tool when it comes to ingesting equity data

4. PeopleSoft (Oracle)

PeopleSoft is a small employee management system.


  1. Offers tools for absence management, pension administration, labor and time tracking, performance, recruitment, and much more
  2. Easy to start with minimal supervision
  3. Helps increase the efficiency and productivity of your business


  1. Frequent timing out and downtime
  2. Cannot delete or edit comments
  3. Problems with logging back in

5. C-People

C-PEOPLE is the top employee management software and part of an Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) from ContinuSys.  The IBMS ecosystem essentially aims to help build resilience against operational inefficiencies through integrated apps that help you manage all your key business processes. At $29 for 20 users, you don’t just get access to C-People but an entire IBMS suite. And, if you’re a small team of 10 users, this IBMS is entirely free to use.


  1. Powerful features for employee recruitment, applicant tracking, employee database management, and pre-onboarding tasks
  2. Time off management with custom policies
  3. Manage multiple company branches irrespective of their locations
  4. Cloud-based software ensures accessibility on any device, at any time
  5. The shorter learning curve for teams with easy and user-friendly UI/UX
  6. Access to other integrated apps within the ContinuSys IBMS ecosystem
  7. The most cost-effective software in the market right now
  8. Provides training and implementation support

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