How to Use an Online Survey Tool to Track Employee Engagement

How to Use an Online Survey Tool to Track Employee Engagement

According to Forbes, employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. Feedback surveys are a great way to ‘listen’ to what your employees have to say, thereby improving employees’ experience and overall business performance.

When thinking of surveys, most people automatically envision time-consuming paperwork, struggling with unclear handwriting, and unexcited participants. But all thanks to online survey software, you no longer have to go through the hassle of using printed surveys. An online survey platform like C-ASK is a digital tool that allows you to capture feedback and sentiment from your workforce in an easy and engaging way. Here’s how you can use it to track and measure employee engagement.

Tracking Engagement with an Online Survey Platform

An online survey tool allows you to easily create and distribute custom digital surveys, live polls, and questionnaires and gather real-time feedback from your employees on various company and employee dynamics. These insights can be used to make decisions on how to improve the working environment and operational processes.

An online survey tool can include a variety of user feedback formats, like checkboxes, drop-down menus, and free-form text fields. Admins can view and analyse collected feedback through the platform, which includes various data reporting tools, such as bar graphs or line graphs.

What to Measure with an Online Survey Tool

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can include in an online survey to track employee engagement.

1. Nature of Job

When you have challenging work that employees genuinely love, they’ll be far more invested and engaged in the company and job role. In fact, research suggests that almost 90% of employees are willing to earn less if they can do more meaningful work. Ask your workers if they find their job challenging or meaningful. Keep in mind that there’s a direct relationship between their job and the company’s performance. You may ask them how they feel about their job and work, and whether they find it challenging and rewarding.

2. Management’s Behaviour

There is no doubt that when you have effective management, you have more engaged employees. If managers take an interest in their employees and really get to know them, they can increase productivity and profits. So, consider asking questions in the survey that help you understand how effective your managers really are. For instance, you may ask something like, “Do you feel that your manager is interested/invested in your success?”

3. Relationships with Colleagues

The relationship with co-workers is a determining factor for employee involvement and job satisfaction. Therefore, it’s important to identify how employees interact with each other and how they view one another’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Measuring this relationship between employees will affect morale and whether the company meets its objectives. In the survey, consider asking something like, “Do you enjoy working with your team? Are you excited about coming to work daily?”

4. Work-Life Balance

Use online surveys as an opportunity to gauge if your employees have a healthy work-life balance. This way you can ensure that they remain productive and engaged. Lack of work-life balance can make your employees feel burnout. You may ask them if they have the tools, resources, and support they need to do the job properly. You may also ask them if they ever feel physical and emotional fatigue as a result of their work.

5. Career Development

Another important question that will help you measure employee engagement is to ask whether your employees see a future in the company for career advancement. When your employees know there’s room for advancement, they’ll be far more prolific, engaged, and self-motivated. Use an employee engagement survey to understand in what ways they want to progress their career, if they clearly know what path to take, and if they’re getting the support they need.

6. Pride in the Company

Proud employees will want the company to be successful and work much harder to ensure that happens. So, your employee engagement survey should also include questions that help you determine how employees feel about the company, their peers, and the bottom line. For instance, you may ask if they are proud to work for the company and whether the company culture and values align with their own.

7. Company Recommendations

If your employees are truly engaged and happy with the company, they’ll surely recommend your organisation as a great place to work to a friend or even a total stranger. They will be more likely to offer recommendations if they feel pride in the company and job, align with company objectives, and are heard by their supervisors. Ask them how likely they are to recommend the company to friends and colleagues. This will give you an insight into whether they are satisfied with the company or not.
Key Takeaway

An online employee engagement survey tool like C-ASK is an efficient and quick way to receive feedback in real-time. It allows you to collect actionable insights into what exactly needs improvement and what is going well. Based on collected feedback, you can then make positive data-driven changes to your company.

You no longer have to print, hand out, and gather survey paperwork. Instead, you can easily create and distribute digital surveys for your team to fill out and submit right from their mobile phone or desktop. Request a demo or start a free 30-day trial.

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