How an Integrated HR System Supports Recruitment and Onboarding

How an Integrated HR System Supports Recruitment and Onboarding

Technology has a huge impact on human resource management, helping companies improve systems, processes, and experiences. In the past, HR was one of the few aspects of businesses that struggled to embrace technology out of fear that it’d eliminate the human element. However, with time, HR professionals are actually starting to see the opposite.

An Integrated HR Software removes repetitive administrative tasks, providing you with more time to focus on human interactions. This way, it helps companies in all aspects of HR functions, including recruitment and onboarding. Here are some of the ways an Integrated HR Tool like C-PEOPLE can help you streamline your HR processes:

1. Job Vacancies and Status Tracking

Integrated HR software makes your hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free. It provides you with ready-to-use templates to create job descriptions. You can even use the platform to assign duties to the team members responsible for hiring and create workflows at every recruitment stage to notify those involved of an applicant’s progress.

For instance, with C-PEOPLE, you can post jobs privately so that only you can see them. Alternatively, you can share them publicly on any of your websites or internally within employee portals. It also provides robust reporting to look into your recruitment strategy by going behind the scenes.

2. Talent Discovery and Filtering

On a typical workday, an HR manager reviews 40-80 resumes on average and spends anywhere between 8 seconds and 15 minutes reviewing one resume. Going through dozens of resumes every day is a time-consuming process.

An Integrated HR Platform helps optimise the application process, allowing managers to seamlessly create open positions that are best suited for vacancies in their company. When resumes come flying in, the tool can even help with the filtering process, using artificial intelligence to determine whether a candidate is qualified for the job or not based on the contents of the resume.

3. Applicant Tracking

Let’s face it. Employee satisfaction doesn’t start on their first day at work. In fact, it starts with their application process. If a candidate has to wait for months to hear back on a job application, they are likely to have less satisfaction at the start.

Integrated HR software provides Applicant Tracking Features, which allow HR managers to better funnel candidates through an application process and reduce wait times on applications. It also ensures that no good applicants fall through the cracks.

With C-PEOPLE, you can prepare custom questions in the application to simplify the screening process and choose the most qualified applicant. It helps you improve the quality of your hires and engage with the best candidates in your talent pool.

4. Offer and Hire Letters

With an Employee Management Software, the HR department or manager can also provide customised offer letters with an embedded e-signature. The benefits preview offers candidates a clearer view of their overall compensation and benefits package. You can also set follow-ups in the future through calendar integrations.

All required documents can be shared and signed electronically with just a few clicks. With C-PEOPLE, you can save all digital documents under the employee’s profile in the system for easy access.

5. Automated Communication

Companies can automate their communication with candidates and move them seamlessly through the hiring process. You can use the tool to automatically send out email reminders to fill out all the essential documents necessary in the Pre-onboarding Process.

You can also set up automated tasks that will send reminders to different individuals, ensuring that onboarding is a smooth process for the new employees. For example, C-PEOPLE allows you to send and receive real-time notifications to keep new employees, hiring managers, HR, admin, and IT departments informed.

6. Onboarding

Employee onboarding is the first impression a new employee has as an official member of your organisation. Unfortunately, 88% of employees think their employer did a poor job with the onboarding process. According to Glassdoor, companies with a strong onboarding process enhance new hire retention by 82% and productivity by more than 70%.

Onboarding plays a big role in improving Employee Retention and engagement. The quality of an organisation’s Onboarding Process also determines the amount of clarity or confusion new employees may experience. When using an Integrated HR Management Software, businesses can automate the onboarding process and develop a seamless and paperless experience for the new workforce.
Key Takeaway

An Integrated HR Tool like C-PEOPLE can revolutionise your new hire experience with an onboarding journey that delivers measurable results. With the help of our Mobile-Friendly HR Platform, you can create a culture of Employee Engagement, decrease a new worker’s time-to-productivity, and de-risk recruitment investments. As a result, you’ll get dedicated new employees who start delivering output quickly and stay longer. Request a demo to see how C-PEOPLE can elevate your hiring and onboarding process.

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